Write a letter to your sister who has passed her Higher Secondary Examination advising her to join the First Year Class in Eco-educational college

Examination Hall

Dayal Bagh, Faridabad

Date- 10 April 2022

Dear Sadhna,

Yesterday I received a letter from you. I was so glad to hear that you have successfully passed your higher secondary examination. I knew that you would score the highest marks in class. With 93% in your exam, you make us proud. You have worked very hard for this and your hard work just gave you a wonderful result.

As you have passed your higher secondary examination, I will highly advise you to join the first-year class in eco-educational college as it will connect people and nature, it will also prepare you for your future, it will build community, and will change lives. I am very proud to work for our environment. I will recommend you to join the first-year class in the eco-educational college. I hope you will show your positivity towards our environment.

Give a lot of respect to mom and dad and a lot of affectionate love to little brother. I will see you soon. Take care of everyone and wait for me.

You’re lovingly,


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