Write a letter of sympathy to a friend who has failed the Matriculation Examination

Examination Hall

Dayal Bagh, Faridabad

Date:- 9 April 2022

Dear Bella,  

It’s been a long time since you last visited, I hope you are doing very well but I know that you are also sad because of your matriculation examination held this year. Your sister told me that you failed your matriculation examination and I am feeling very miserable to hear that. It is still unbelievable that you failed the exam.

 But I believe that you studied very hard, even though you were unwell, the doctors also strictly said that you need to rest very well. Because of this issue, you missed many classes and also can’t concentrate on your studies. But I believe that you will pass the next examination with good scores. Just remember that this one failure can’t bring any changes in your life. If you quit, this would be your biggest failure. You have to work harder to compete with others. Don’t let the opinions of others consume you. Just stand up again with a High spirit and improve yourself. And if you need my help feel free to ask. I am always there for you at any time. I hope you will do your best in the next exam and will not take this as a big failure. You will get several chances to prove yourself.

Give my heartfelt respect to your parents and a lot of affectionate love to your Little sister. Hope to see you soon. Take care and rest well.

You’re loving,


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