Paragraph on health and fitness-200 words

Earlier it was believed that a healthy person is physically fit. this perception has changed and now people believe that health person is mentally and physically fit. Mental health and physical health can be inter- related in some cases. A relaxed mind can be achieved by meditating and meditation in turn has a positive impact on physical health. it should be hooted that physical health is not measured by the shape or size of a person even a thin person can be healthier than someone fatter.

The metabolism of the body is largely responsible for our health and fitness a better metabolism would mean faster absorption of nutrients into our bad. While a slower metabolism would mean a slower absorption of good. A higher metabolism rate can be achieved by keeping the body healthy. This is possible when we start taking care of our nutrition.

Healthy nutrition is not only rich in vegetables and fruits but it is balanced and has a moderate amount of everything in a balanced proportion. The key to a healthy body starts with the art of balancing our intake and being aware of what harms us and what is good for us.

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