Write A Letter to the Principal apologizing for misbehaviour in the class

Letter to the Principal apologizing for misbehaviour in the class

A letter to the Principal apologizing for misbehaviour in the class

T0 Principal,

Anurag care school,


September 05, 20 XX,

Subject: Apology for misbehaviour in the class.

I admit that I have misbehaved in my Edu class. You have already been preponed about this by my teacher I feel sorry for this misbehaviour. I apologize to you and the teacher concerned.

I promise that in future I will never repeat such an act and dom studies properly, I will devote all my time to study my books and try to avoid the Company of naughty boys. I hope you will forgive me this time and give me a chance to improve myself.

Thanking you

Yours obediently,


Roll No: 24

A letter to the Principal apologizing for misbehaviour in the class

The principal,

Anurag care school,

16th October 20xx,


I am writing this letter to apologize for my misbehaviour in the class today. It was wrong on my part to answer you back when you pointed out to me by being not completely focused. I was really talking to my desk mate about our evening plan. After you scolded me and reminded me of my duty and responsibility and the high expectations my parents and teachers have on me. I am sorry. I won’t ever repeat this type of mistake ever in the class. I hope you will forgive me as you have always-on on earlier occasions.  

Thanking you

Yours obediently,


Roll no:- 01

Class:- 9th

Essay on principal

The school is an old saying as the Principal. It is true that the progress of the school depends on its Principal Mr Rajneesh Singh, the Principal of our school always thinks in the interest of the school, his grand personality attracts and captivates everyone.

Teaching method

He is noted for his manner of teaching. They teach so well that their teaching is easily understood in our understanding. Their English classes are not dull and boring. If ever something is not understood, then they do not hesitate to convince us again.

Temperament and personality

He is a kind-hearted, soft-spoken and gentleman with a free mind. He is always ready to help his assistants and the fourth-grade staff of the school in every way. He is very good with the teachers. He respects the senior teachers very much.

Aptitude and teaching style

They are M.M. in English. A. He has been teaching English to the upper secondary classes for the last 25 years. He has authority over his subject. He has earned a reputation as a teacher. His teaching style is so simple and attractive that every student understands him immediately.

Administration and discipline

They are firm and big disciplines of theory. They know how to work with their assistants. They are familiar with their habits and nature. That is why they are a successful administrator. They always try their best to maintain discipline in school. Punish.

Interest in sports

Our principals also pay great attention to sports. They take care that every student must take part in some sport. He has divided the school into several houses in the name of the personalities of India.

Popular person

Every person in the city admires him and respects him a lot. He has a lot of prestige because of his honesty, honesty and hard work. I have affection and respect for him.

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