Write a letter to the father expressing concern over the mother’s illness

Examination hall
New Public School
Mathura Vihar
Date: July 10, 20_
Respected Father,
With bests regards

Father, you will be very disappointed to know that only after you have gone to America, the mother got very high fever, due to which when I called the doctor, the doctor got the mother admitted to the hospital.

But now there is no need to panic when I asked the doctor how is the mother’s health, the doctor said that now your mother is out of danger and the doctor also said that you can take your mother to your house tomorrow. Huh. There is nothing to worry, you quickly finish your work and return to home.

In the end, Mataji was telling me to tell Dad that if he writes a letter from there, then your letter will be awaited to mother.

Your obedient son

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