Write a letter to principal requesting for leave from school

Write a letter to your principal asking for permission to be absent from school

To the principal,
Mr. Jack.
ABC School, Nigeria.


Student Grade 10,
ABC School, Nigeria.

Dated: 7th July, 20XX

Subject: Permission to be absent from school.

Respected Sir,

This is to tell you that I, John a student at your school ABC currently studying in grade 10 roll number 23 won’t be ready to come to school from Monday. My grandmother has been terribly ill for the past few days and now doctors have suggested her to undergo surgery.

Her surgery are going to be on Sunday and she or he will click after 5 days till then ready to i’ll be able to need to lookout of my younger brother reception thanks to which i will be able to not be able to come to school for the subsequent whole week.

After which my mother will come to our home and she will manage things. I hereby request you to please grant me permission to be absent from school for subsequent week. I will be very grateful to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Grade 10
Roll Number: 23
ABC School, Nigeria

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