Write a letter to a friend, which describes how to celebrate your birthday

Examination hall
Tinu public school
Vijay Nagar, Goa

Date: March 3, 20_

Dear friend Saurav ,

I received your birthday greetings, thank you so much for that.
But you forgive me that I could not attend your birthday because my sister Lalitha’s health had deteriorated on the same day due to which my mother and I were in hospital with her and my father had gone out of India. I know that if you have understood my problem well then you will forgive me.

You will be very happy to know that my birthday is coming on 8th of this week and I am inviting you along with the whole family. You along with your whole family must come to the birthday celebration and I did not send your birthday present with the letter because when you come, I want to see your choice with my own eyes.

I will be waiting for you, at the end my respects to my mother and father.

Your friend

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