Why should weekends be longer?

Essay on why weekends should be longer

We have all experienced the Monday blues when we just don’t feel like going to school on a Monday morning. The week ahead seems very long and tiresome before the next weekend. We have to literally force ourselves out to bed to get ready for school while the brain is constantly thinking of a good excuse to stay at home.

One wonders how the weekend passes away so quickly without giving us enough time for recreation or relaxation. How wonderful it would be if the weekend began on Friday and school days were only Monday to Thursday. Most of us wouldn’t mind if school hours were extended by an hour or two to have sufficient time for completing the syllabus.

But one extra day at home would make a world of difference. We would have ample time to complete our homework, work on school projects and prepare for tests. We could easily find time to go out with the family or spend more time with them at home. We would also be able to pursue our hobbies and acquire more skills. Those interested in sports could devote more time to practice and fitness.

A longer weekend would be beneficial for everyone. Teachers would also have enough time to prepare lessons, check assignments and enjoy themselves with their families. A large number of household chores and long to-do lists could be completed easily. Also, with schools closed for three days, there would be less traffic on roads during the weekend.

The cost of transportation would also be reduced. As for the schools, there would be a reduction in the power bills and the overall cost of running and maintaining the premises.

Thus, it would be a win-win situation for all.

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