Production and management of crops

A. Tick the correct option:

Water harvesting





B. Match the following:

  • Column A Column B

Fibre crop (a) Cotton

Pulses (b) Peas

Oil seed (c) Groundnut

Tuber crop (g) Tea

Write (True) or(False)

Fill in the blanks:
3.Mineral Salt

Short answer questions:
1. Name any three plantation crops.

Ans. Three plantation crops is Tea, Coffee and Rubber.

2. How is soil made loose?

Ans. Soil is made loose by the process of tilling or ploughing.

3. What is composting?

Ans. The addition of compost to the soil to increase its fertility is called composting.

4. What is weeding?

Ans. Removing of unwanted plants from the field is called weeding.

5. When is the method of winnowing carried on?

Ans. After threshing is the method of winnowing carried on.

6. Name any three Rabi  crops.

Ans. Three Rabi crops are Wheat, Gram and Pea.

Long answer questions:

1. What are the advantages of preparation of soil?

Ans. The advantages of preparation of soil:

1.Air enter the gap between the loose soil particles air such soil is good for plant growth because air present in the soil is used by the roots to breath easily.

2. Loose soil allows the root to penetrate deeper, thus securing the plant more firmly.

3.Turning and loosening of soil brings nutrient-rich soil to the top, making it easier for plants to absorb these nutrients more efficiently.

4.Manures or fertilizers can be uniformly mixed with loose soil.

2. Why seeds are sown at correct depth and distance?

Ans. Seeds should be sown at the correct depth in the soil. We should sow the seeds neither at a great depth nor at the surface. At a great depth, seeds do not get adequate amount of air. And if sown at the surface, seeds may be eaten by birds or they may be washed away by rain w

3. Why do we add manure to our fields?

Ans. Manuring means providing nutrients to the soil. The nutrients includes mainly salt which are required by plants for their proper growth.

However, these mineral salts. Cultivating in the same field continuously may deplete the amount of nutrients so, to maintain the amount of nutrients to the soil we can add manures or fertilizer to the soil.

4. Why excessive use of chemical fertilizers is not good.

Ans. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers is not good because excessive use of mineral salts can destroy the texture of the soil. Besides, it may also lead to the pollution of ground water because it may percolate through soil.

5. How weeding is done?

Ans. Weeding is generally done manually. It this method farmers pull the weeds out by hand or by using trowel or a Harrow to uproot them.weeding is also done by using special chemical called herbicides or Weedicides.

6. Describe any two methods of protecting crops?

Ans. Two methods of protecting crops are:
. Extremes of weather require the sensitive crops to be provided with protection from the scorching sun and the icy cold. Stray animals can be kept away be erecting fences. Pests can be kept away from crops by setting up scarecrows and by using insecticides and pesticides.

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