Paragraph on my best friend in 150 words

Satyam is my best friend. He is a bundle of many qualities. He is exceedingly intelligent; he is a wonderful sportsman. He belongs to a reputed family. His father is a famous doctor; his mother is a professor. He helps me a lot in my studies. He is reliable, loyal, and quite generous.
He takes part in extra-curricular activities enthusiastically. He has won many prizes and trophies. He is admired by all classmates and teachers. He is a multi-faceted personality. He has participated in many inter-school competitions and brought laurels to the school.
His ambition is to become an astrophysicist and join either ISRO or NASA. He is an avid reader. Whenever he has leisure, he prefers reading books. Marble series is his favorite books. He is a boy of great character. I am proud of him.

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