Nouns and its types with examples

Nouns and its types with examples

Definition Of Noun

A Noun is a word that denotes a person, animal, place, thing or idea.

Person -A term for a person whether proper name, gender, title or class is a noun Such as: Mohan, Mr Oberoi, Lawyer, etc.

Animal -A term for an animal, whether proper name, species, gender or class is a noun. Such as: Jack, kitten, puppy, etc.

Place -A term for a place whether proper name or class is a noun. Such as. Agra,Delhi, Taj Mahal, etc.

Thing -A term for thing, whether it exists now, will exist or existed in the past is a noun. Such as: pencil, milk, water, etc.

Idea -A term for an idea, be it a real workable idea or a fantasy that might never come to fruition, is a noun. Such as: being hard worker, honest, etc.

Read the following sentences containing nouns:
1. Madurai is on the river ganga.
2. Milton is an English poet.
3. Kamal is a fine dancer.
4. Internet is here to stay

Types of nouns

There are mainly five kinds of nouns. These are:
Common Noun
Proper Noun
Collective Noun
Material Noun
Abstract Noun

Common Noun

Common Noun is a general or ordinary name of a person, place, animal, thing or ever
For example:

1.Girl, boy, sister, bother and player (persons)
2. Hospital, country, town and park (places)
3.Bird, lion, elephant and rabbit (animals and birds)
4. Cartoon show, concert and football match (events)
5. Ship, book, house, bag and den (things)

Proper Noun

Proper Noun is a special name of particular person, place, thing or event. A proper noun always begins with a capital letter.
For example:
1. Rajan, Kavita, Peter and Akbar (names of persons)
2. Mumbai, London, Paris and Agra (names of places)
3. Maruti Car, Lipton Tea and Sun TV (names of things)
4. Olympic Games and Common Wealth Games (names of events)

Material Noun

Material Nouns are the names of the raw materials or objects that exist in nature
For example:
Iron, wool, rice, milk, gold, sugar, etc.

Collective Noun

Collective Noun is the name of a group or collection of similar persons, animals or things.
For example:
1. A herd of cattle
2. A team of cricketers
3. A bouquet of flowers
4. A herd of elephants

Abstract Noun

Abstract Noun refers to something that cannot be touched. It is the name of a quality, action or state.
For example:

1.Flight (the action being involved in flying)
2. Richness (the state of being rich)
3. Childhood (the state of being child)
4. Wickedness (the quality of being wicked)
5. Bravery (the quality of being brave)

Read some more examples of collective nouns given below:

  1. A band of musicians
  2. A brood of chicks
  3. A choir of singers
  4. A class of pupils
  5. A clump of trees
  6. A crowd of people
  7. A deck/pack of cards
  8. A flight of steps
  9. A fleet of ships
  10. A gang of thieves
  11. A library of books
  12. A litter of puppies
  13. A pack of wolves
  14. A pride of lions
  15. A regiment of soldiers
  16. A set of tools
  17. A sheaf of papers
  18. A shoal/school of fish
  19. A string of pearls
  20. A swarm of bees
  21. An army of ant
  22. A hive of bees
  23. A pack of hounds
  24. A murder of crows
  25. A host of angels
  26. A group of dancers
  27. A class of pupils
  28. A body of men
  29. A deck of cards
  30. A range of mountains
  31. A fleet of vehicles
  32. A grove of trees

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