Knowledge is power Essay

The Knowledge of power is a proverb. It is a very beautiful phrase said by Francis bacon. This line itself has a very deep meaning. Knowledge is power this phrase made all the difference between humans and animals because physically humans can’t beat them either if we talk about trust it is been so difficult to trust anybody in this world now. l, people around us are so busy that they also don’t have time to spare with their own parents or friends but if we talk about trust in animals we trust them they also have time for us. In today’s life, people run after money. We can say that money and being physically strong is something that is very powerful but if we compare both with knowledge, knowledge will be the most powerful.

We can say that we all should have knowledge. It’s the most powerful thing in the world because of the knowledge the human beings became the most powerful creature on earth, they have many abilities like they can research and use the nature for their own use, they have books to pass the knowledge they collect in the past to the future generations so that if there is something unrevealed they can research and reveal that thing so that it will get easier for us to understand the same. 

Knowledge helps us in planning the right thing and doing it in the correct way helps us in choosing what is wrong and what is right and helps to win over any physical power in the world. It tells us the difference between good- bad, right- wrong helps to overcome the faults we made earlier helps to face our fears, and weaknesses. It helps us in many ways that’s why we believe that knowledge is the most powerful thing in this whole world.

  • Knowledge is power( Essay in 250 words)

Knowledge is power is a proverb. A very deep and beautiful line. This is a three-word phrase that made humans the most powerful creatures on earth. Knowledge made humans clever and gave them several abilities like can understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong, can take the decision wisely by thinking about what is good for them and what is bad, and being able to convert nature for their own benefit by researching and gaining knowledge. Knowledge made the differences between animals and humans. If knowledge was not there we would be more equivalent. Animals are physically stronger than humans but they lack knowledge. 

Even though we need money and we should be physically strong, if we compete with these two powers with knowledge, knowledge will be the most important. Neither money nor physical strength could buy the knowledge to achieve what we need so much hard work and continuous practice.

It diverts us to the right path, helps us to understand the situation and convert our planning into the right action. 

Knowledge helps us to get name, fame, respect, reputation and many things that all humans must want.

 Knowledge also helps us to overcome our weaknesses and face our fears which makes us stronger. If someone has the knowledge he/she doesn’t need to fear others because they will be more powerful than the other.

Knowledge is the thing that everyone must have with their hard work. We all wish for fame and reputation. To achieve that goal we have to get the correct amount of knowledge. It is something that will serve you until death.

Short type questions:-

Q.1 What knowledge is power?

Answer:- It is a phrase said by Francis Bacon that tells us why knowledge is important and it can’t be compared to any power in the world. It is the greatest power in the world that made humans the strongest creature on earth.

Q.2 How knowledge is power?

Answer:- Knowledge is power because if one person is educated and has a sense of right and wrong he/ she will be able to control life once by using the strength of Knowledge.

Q.3 Why knowledge is important in our life?

Answer:- It helps us to sharpen our skills, helps us to understand the situation and make the decision wisely and helps us to overcome our fears and weaknesses. Knowledge makes us smarter day by day and helps us to solve daily life problems easily.

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