International politics

International politics is the fundamentally affairs, depending subject including interact each other politics, history, sociology, geography, economics and law. International politics don’t confused global politics in nature and scope in the world politics in working in government.

What is International Politics ?

International politics in superlative state interaction each other country. It’s forcing you to make a lot of effort and include global politics inclusive wealth power and human right because international politics are sometimes unquiet.

Types of International Politics

1. democracy

United State democracy in a more traditional politics system allows for each particular to participate. There are two type of democracy.

* Direct democracy:-Every citizen equally working in government qualification each students considered a citizen are completely different participate in the government process.
* Representative Democracy : Citizens vote for representatives to pass make the law. The United States example for we select the president and members of Congress. Decision electors usually vote according to the citizens in their states.

2. Republic

Republic is a political system in the government mostly student use to subject are political system is the citizens legitimate the government. Those believe that any form of government is not based on property authoritarian government democracy might be considered a republic. The types of republics democracy.

  • Crowned Republic
  • Single Party Republic
  • Capitalist Republic
  • Federal Republic
  • Parliamentary Republic

3. Monarchy

The political systems of European country is not easily choose voice by the people their are representatives mostly cases a monarch is the final word the government make a decision function and run the political system. The monarchy ruler is the state constitution limits the power make laws. Examples of constitution monarchy Denmark, Spain, Kuwait, Sweden, Tuvalu, U.K. Monarchy most rule common of government till 19th century in which legal and gathering role but not a limited political power under the government authority.

4. Communism

Communism political systems is not true to ideas by these revolted think Communist state are administer group of people. The economy is part of the government class causes resources is take then again distribute in two classes in the working survive and majority with in society the revolution is class in power establish. The primary element in the transformation of society onwards communism citizens are required to jobs some of their life decisions Communism is authoritarian political system.

5. Dictatorship

Dictatorship form of government character is absolute rule of each person group of people political power. Representative democracy is form of government in dictatorships are create a danger because their is tend to citizens. Dictatorships sometime use nations welfare the citizens live in poverty because the government with supply foods people are handle. There are many country in ruler area using abuse human right in government mostly people Myanmar in the ruler area thousands and millions people without food and shelter by killing.

International Relations

International relations is focus on the study of the international politics include state as the United Nations in the international relations based on sovereign state is the system not a higher authority. The European medieval organization of political base on vaguely hierarchical religious order.
International relation study of thing as foreign policy, war, nuclear, terrorism, international economics, and international relations scope required approach fields of economics political science, law etc…..

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