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The importance of reading of Reading as a habit

In today ‘s busy life, with school, homework, tuition, extra-curricular activities and technology, all clamouring for attention , youngster have forgotten about what once used to be over best friend – books. Unless reading cultivated as a habit fairly early in life, our special relationship with books does not develop and we risk losing out on one of the greatest pleasures known to human . The world of books is a place to rich variety containing more adventure and lively experiences than any person can savour at first hand. But through reading we can enjoy all this at our own convenience – while travelling or waiting at the dentist’s, between classes or when lounging around at home . Not only do we derive aesthetic pleasure from reading , we also benefit from the wisdom and understanding of those at time more intelligent and knowledgeable that we enhancing one’s language skills . Any teacher will tell you that a pure reader is a poor pupil in language. So, what are you waiting for ? Pick up a book and immerse yourself in the pleasures of the written world.

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