Corruption Essay in English

Essay on Corruption 500 words

  • Corruption means corrupt conduct. Bribery, adulteration, black marketing, profiteering, hoarding etc. are many forms of corruption.

Corruption has become a major problem in the whole world today. In India, it is spread all around! Peons to big leaders, Workers to big industrialists are involved in this.

Many corruption scams have come before the people, including hawala scandal, Bofors scam, slum-land scam etc. Many unregulated scams are still to be revealed.

Doctors, police, lawyers, income tax, sales tax, officers, government employees, businessmen, customs etc. are not any such area where corruption has not set its feet.

Bribes are taken and given openly at all places. Knowing everything, no one raised a voice against it. This is the first reason for its spread.

The second major reason for this is – any person gives money as a gift and gift to a person sitting in the officer’s chair

so that his work is done immediately but he gives that education to the officer, that without doing anything, work. There is grandeur.

The peon does not allow the officer to meet without taking anything. The clerk does not forward the file without heating the pocket, the officer does not sign without taking money. This is the condition of most offices today.

People working in government departments are also responsible for this.

A teacher teaching in a government school takes salary very happily but does not consider it his duty to teach in class.

He considers his right to earn well by teaching extra tuition by giving extra time at home. Similarly, doctors appointed in government hospitals are more concerned with the patients admitted in their private nursing homes, as they are a means of making big money.

In today’s era, sensibilities have disappeared and morality has been lost. Today the brother is ready to cut his brother’s throat.

All are equal participants in spreading corruption. If we want it to end, then we all have to take a pledge in private that we will not give bribe for any of our actions.

Both taking and giving bribe are legal offences. Corruption will not be able to raise its head if it is raised against it, not ignoring adulteration, black marketing and profiteering. Then we will be able to breathe in a clean corruption-free society.

No matter how deep the roots of corruption have become if a man wants to uproot it, it will not be an impossible task for him.

How can we stop corruption

When we asked Armando Lara –tax and anti-money laundering expert– what is his impression of Latin America after the recent corruption scandals, he was very clear: “Corruption made countries poorer. The economies grew, but wealth did not permeate downwards. The well-being of the population did not improve.”

The data seems to support his analysis. Corruption has had a corrosive effect over citizens’ confidence in public institutions. According to the Latinobarómetro 2017, 53% of Latin Americans consider that their government has a poor performance in the fight against corruption and only 30% feel satisfied with democracy.

Also, experts in the matter point out that the unprecedented number of corruption scandals in Latin America and the Caribbean threatens to erode the foundations of much of the region’s economic well-being and political stability, as well as the rule of law.

In contrast, when European and Asian countries improved their governance and anti-corruption policies halfway through the last century, it tripled their GDP per capita relative to most Latin American countries.

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