write a complaint letter regarding irregular electric supply in your locality

irregular Electric supply

A complaint letter regarding irregular electric supply in your locality/village.

8F, Heaven colony
M.G. Road, Dharavi
Mumbai – 400017
16th January, 20XX
The Electric Department Officer,
Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Electricity Department
Dadar, Mumbai

Subject:- Complete letter regarding irregular electric supply.
Respected Sir,

We are totally five hundred families residing in our locality. We are facing several problems of growing instances of power failure for the last three months in our locality.

In our locality there are many students are preparing of there incoming Board Exam as well as for other final examinations. But, this irregularity in electric supply is causing obstacles in there preparations. So, I request you to look into his matter personally. If you do the needful then I shall be very much thankful to you.

Thanking you.
Your faithfully,

Essay on Importance of Electricity.

Electricity is also a gift of science. This of human life is a very important part. Among all the inventions of science, electricity
Is the most prominent. It is used daily in our lives. Truly, electricity is a boon for humans. It has given human life Is filled with happiness.

Electricity has given us wireless telegraphy. Telephone is very for us is beneficial. It instantly delivers our message anywhere in the world.
It is an important device for exchanging messages.

Same Types of television, radio and cinema . There are instruments. We can listen to songs, story, news etc. on the radio. And
Cinema is a cheap and accessible means of entertainment. To our life Photography has also played an important role to make it beautiful.

Electricity is nothing less than a boon in our domestic life. this one
Acts as an obedient servant. Electricity to our house all the time

Light holds value. It cooks our food, boil milk and water is, washes our clothes, iron them, environments our home Heats or cools At the end of its power Gives us a wind.

Electricity is also very useful in many types of human diseases.
It has proved to be effective in many cures such as cancer. X-ray science is a boon of It helps with the diseases of the body with the help of electricity.

Essay on Importance of Electricity in 100 words.

Role: Science has invented many boons to man, out of which electricity is also a boon. Scientists have done us a great favor by inventing electricity. Electricity is used a lot in our lives. Electricity is a powerful source of energy which is used to do many things.

Electricity is made from steam or water. Electricity is a huge river of scientists’ inventions that have shocked the world. Modern life cannot be imagined without it. This whole day works according to human beings, it cooks food for humans, cleans rooms and turns night into day.

Electricity has become an important part of our life today. Today, the use of electricity in homes has increased more. If power goes on for a while, a big problem arises. In today’s modern life, electricity has become a very important requirement of human life, without which man does not succeed in doing any work.

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