Write a letter to Municipal officer and complaint about the garbage heaps in your area

Complaint letter about garbage problem in your locality

F-14/15 / Green Garden Road
New Delhi – 110022

24 March 2021

The Health Officer,
Delhi Municipal Corporation,

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect i’m ………… (Your Name), residing in ………… (Your Address). I even have to bring back your notice serious public health problems faced by the last seven days. it’s stinking and therefore the foul smell has made the lifetime of the residents within the area miserable.

Besides, mosquitoes, flies and other disease carriers breed in these garbage dumps and pose a significant hazard to all or any folks .

I, therefore, request you to ascertain thereto that the rubbish is cleared without further delay, and that, in future, the work of removing the rubbish is administered regularly.

Yours truly,

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