Cold War Summary

Hello guys, Today we tell about the Cold War, it is the most important topic for any political statesmen and political students. We will learn how the dominance of two world powers USA (United States) and USSR (Soviet Union) affected the world in their own profits. And also how the world get affected from two world powers with their effects, consequences and results.

Era of cold war

After world war II the world has been divided into two parts with their ideological conflicts. It is a war between two world powers of that time USA (United States) and USSR (Soviet union) also their friendly countries. The reason behind this is that the which two ideological beliefs and conflicts. It seem to be what kind of ideology extended the economical and social development in the world gracefully.

What is cold war ?

The cold war is referred to the competition,   tensions and confrontations between US and USSR and their opposing countries. The cold war not only shows the competition of their rivalries among in military alliances and balance of weapons power. It is accompanied by the ideological conflicts a well appropriate way for organising political, social and economical life over the world.

Beginning of war

Frequently, In world war II United States (USA) and Soviet union (USSR) fought together as allies against axis powers including Germany, Italy and Japan. In this war the allies power defeated the axis powers. The first world war earlier shaken the world between 1914 and 1918. In August 1945 , United States (USA) dropped the two atomic bomb on the  two Japanese cities  ( Little boy ) in  Hiroshima and ( Fatman ) in Nagasaki. After seeing this disaster japan surrendered and the world war II ended. After the end of World war  II the two world powers rise on the global stage. The end of second world war was also the beginning of cold war.

Eastern and western alliance

Later, two world powers USA and USSR expanding their influence in the different parts of the world. The world fastly divided into two alliance system for their own prospective as protection against from another country dominance. Because all  the countries in world did not want any interruption between their state development. Throughly,  world power know it even they given the promises to all  the smaller states in the alliances. The promises of protection, weapons and economic aid their local rivals. The alliance system led by the two world powers. It divided the entire world into two parts. Firstly, the division happened in Europe. The  whole Europe divide into Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Most of the countries in Western Europe are sided with US (United States) and Eastern Europe are sided with USSR (Soviet union).

Treaty – Countries own organisation

In April 1949 , the western alliance formalised  into an organisation  NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organisation). It is an organisation of twelve countries which declared if any armed attack on any one of them in Europe or North America would be regarded as an attack all of them. In this organisation, each country would be obliged to help the other. Similarly, the Eastern Alliance also created an organisation on  1955 which known as WARSAW pact. It is led by the USSR (Soviet Union). It is formed  to counter NATO in Europe.          
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