Against pandemic we shall emerge stronger than before essay

Against pandemic we shall emerge stronger than before essay

Pandemic is a big threat which can affect our lives. It comes from the Greek word ‘Pandemos’. ‘Pan’ means everyone and ‘Demos’ means the population. But, First of all, do you know what a pandemic is? According to the World  Health Organization (WHO) a pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease that can affect a substantial number of people.

Throughout human history there have been a number of pandemic diseases such as smallpox, tuberculosis, Plague etc. They all are very deadly and have caused thousands of deaths. it causes the disintegration of many families and loss of lives and goods.

They are increasing every year, month and day. every time it comes out with its new appearance in the form of an even more dreadful disease. This is a cycle today and epidemic will and then tomorrow as soon as it ends a new and even more deadly terrible epidemic arises.

Now we can save ourselves and the whole world from these great marios, it is we who are causing these different great marios and diseases, they say that no matter what you should do, now the same thing is happening with us too.

Because just as we are harming our environment, in the same way now the environment is also harming us in the form of these epidemics,Which we are also suffering. Now is the time to rectify this mistake and emerge strong against this pandemic. “If not today then never”.

We Should follow the instructions strictly

During any Pandemic we should consider the instructions strictly and should also aware people around us. and keep listening to TV and radio for news related to the disaster. 


Even in the time of such calamity, we should act with courage and keep our spirits high. Because only high-handedness and wise decisions can be helpful in getting out of these disasters.

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