Work for NCERT Solution for Class 9. in

(A) what we see in your articles
(1) well explained:
(i) it should rely on the title and fully explained.
(ii) if needed it should be distributed in the heading, subheading and sub-sub-heading.
(2) video- if you want to add a video it should rely on the topic.
(3) MCQ- related to the article
If your article or articles maths these three criteria then it is a good article in our eyes.
(B) there are two members only who are working on this website:
(1) Admin
(2) Author
(C) terms to replace the article of author or admin:
Q1. What is the meaning of replacing the articles of the author or admin?
Ans. It means your article will be posted in the place of already posted articles of author admin.
Q2. How can I/we replace the article of admin/Author?
Ans. it is just simple you have to write TTE article with math is our criteria explain in section (A).
Q3. how to approach that I want to challenge the article of admin or author to replace.
Ans. there are few steps of doing this:
(1) there are two types of article: already posted and yet not posted and two types of content selected by us and randomly challenge by you.
(2) If an article is already posted and selected by us means we have found some post which is outdated or have not maths our criteria so good then we will post that article notification on the group name work for NCERT solution for class nine routine and the admin has 7 days to update the topic otherwise others topic will be selected if it is better than that. A particle is already posted and selected by you then he or she has only five-way to update the topic and content should be unique or better than that article the notification will be sent on the same group.
If the article not posted and selected by us a better article with unique content will be selected within a given time
If an article is not posted and selected by you game if your article employee all of our criteria for an article well done it will be selected.

Process of Payment
(A) how many article written by you are ranking on top 10 per month by click. So out of what percent you covered you will get that amount from total of what this website has earned in total for that particular month.
(B) minimum monthly threshold of article:
Q1. what is minimum monthly threshold?
Ans. Monthly minimum threshold is the number of minimum article required to be posted on this or other active websites.
Q2. how many articles do I / we have to upload monthly according to minimum monthly threshold?
Ans. the minimum monthly threshold is is at least one article in every two month it does not include 60 days it include last on that month.
Example: if you join website work ok on 15 June then your month start from first and your last date off of adding article is July 31st.
Q3. if I fail to achieve minimum threshold?
Ans. If you failed to achieve minimum threshold then your payment of all article will be zero for that month for next if you not achieve the target within 6 month of discontinuity after six month you have to require special approval with new conditions.
Q4. Will I get my earning of last six month after special approval.
Ans. no if you add article within 2 month then you will get your earning 6 month time is for your content if you do not add article for 6 month then you will lose all of your content.
Q5. what if I upload article after 3 month for more?
Ans. If you upload article between 3 to 6 month then we will not disable your account and your content still remain your to get paidlet’s assume that you in first time you add article within 3 month and after that in next month you had article within 2 month then we will pay you what you have are in next month not previous one.
(C) Revenue Share: you will get 55% of what you have earned.